We all are living busy lives, giving time to family, friends, and work, hence our bedroom is oftentimes the place where we go to relax and escape everyday life struggles. Choosing the bedroom interior wisely is very important since it’s the place where one goes to relax and feel contained.

When done right, a bedroom is a stress-free private sanctuary full of soothing colors, comfortable bedding

Dressing room is where your personality is reflected. Your look comes from there and it represents your style. Hence,dressing room interior should be chosen and designed in such a way that all your items are in your reach, your shoes are set in one place while clothes, scarves, and ties in separate sections. Designingthis room is very creative process and needs a lot of care and consideration along with the choices and demands of a person.

coffee bar corner adjacent to the room

Duration of implementation : 20 Days

Location : Hay Al Sa7abeh _ Amman