About Us


WATERLINE Works is a private enterprise run by passionate people who believe we can contribute positively to improving the working lives of people


Waterline has been established since 2014 to complete and develop the decoration overview and to link it with unique and modern designs and designs. It is a leading company in the field of interior and exterior design and implementation and the importation of decorative materials. It will find a range of high quality designs to suit the lifestyle of all kinds of innovative materials. Our second branch in Fuheis to cover all residential and commercial areas. Excellence and elegance are available in our branches under the supervision of experts and decorative engineers and technicians of implementation with high efficiency and experience.

The company imports innovative decorative materials with international specifications, excellent quality and ISO certification.


Our Team at WATERLINE believes in communication and care for our clients, be it small or big projects. We design to deliver the best for everyone.

Believing in achieving the best quality, we utilize and work with a carefully selected pool of professional suppliers and manufacturers who deliver the finest materials from furniture to fabrics.

With experience in both the commercial and residential projects, our ranges of clients include hotels, restaurants, offices and cafes to resident buildings.

At WATERLINE, we approach each project with an aim in mind and individuality.


M&Y bring together a great collection of people with strong design backgrounds.

We have a deep experience of creating tailored projects. This involves our continuous learnings, and relationships with exclusive suppliers.

The team has many years of industry experience.

However, we are always looking to expand.